Windsor BankLink FAQs

1. What is Windsor BankLink?

Windsor BankLink is a new digital platform launched by Windsor Advantage, aimed at connecting business owners with lenders offering SBA-backed growth capital. It’s a tool for business owners to efficiently explore their options for government-guaranteed financing. The platform uses one loan application to assess a business owner’s eligibility for financing with over 150 lenders, and matches them directly to the lender most likely to fund their loan.

2. How does Windsor BankLink work?

Business owners begin the BankLink process by submitting high-level information about their business history and goals through the site. They meet with a member of the eligibility team to discuss their financing needs, after which business owners complete one loan application to be considered for over 150 lenders throughout the country. Applicants are then directly matched with an SBA lender based on their preferences and timelines.

3. What is the cost to use Windsor BankLink?

Windsor BankLink is a free tool for business owners. It’s designed to streamline the process of obtaining growth capital through SBA 7(a) financing programs.

4. Who can benefit from using Windsor BankLink?

Business owners seeking financing to acquire or grow a business can benefit from Windsor BankLink. It’s especially helpful for those who need a more efficient, accurate, and positive business financing process.

5. Who powers Windsor BankLink?

Windsor BankLink is powered by Windsor Advantage, the nation’s leading lender service provider. Windsor Advantage provides loan underwriting and servicing for over 150 lenders nationwide, including some of the largest SBA loan lenders in the country.

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6. What is Windsor Advantage?

Established in 2010, Windsor Advantage is a company that provides community banks with a comprehensive outsourced SBA lending platform. Today, it has grown into the largest SBA Lender Service Provider (LSP) in the country, offering community banks and credit unions tailored support to scale SBA lending.

7. How does Windsor BankLink match me with a lender?

BankLink matches you with a lender based on your credit, industry, project type, and regional preferences. The team leverages technology alongside proprietary knowledge of lenders’ most up-to-date credit policies to ensure an accurate match.

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8. What is the maximum amount I can apply for?

Through Windsor BankLink, business owners can apply for up to $5 million in SBA-backed financing. We help business owners secure other forms of financing should they need additional funds to acquire or grow their business.

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9. How can I contact Windsor BankLink for media inquiries?

For media inquiries, you can contact Windsor BankLink at support [at]

10. How can I apply for financing through Windsor BankLink?

Business owners interested in applying for financing can start the process at Simply complete the form below. A member of our financing eligibility team will reach out within 1-2 business days to discuss your goals, eligibility, and initial options for business capital in our network.

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