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Borrow More & Pay Less

Extend your repayment terms and optimize your loan structure by tapping into competitive rates with no additional fees.

Work with Local Lenders

Access lending institutions in your area who understand your market and the unique challenges of your industry.

Expedite The Process

Work directly with a single loan processing team at Windsor Advantage from the get-go to streamline your lending experience.

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Find a true financing partner, not just a lender. Our match process finds options suited to your industry and planned use of proceeds.

“Every business should have the capability to efficiently assess all of its lending options. 

Our team at Windsor Advantage created BankLink to cut through all of the online noise and provide borrowers with a clear and personalized approach to securing capital.”

– Michael Breckheimer, President & CEO of Windsor Advantage, LLC

How it Works

Our process streamlines the process of qualifying for a business loan. Windsor BankLink experts review your information and match you with the lending sources most likely to fund your business.

Step 1: Apply Online (5 min)

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Step 3: Match (2-3 Days)

Step 4: Apply (15 Minutes)

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With 150+ banks headquartered in 38 states, we help find your perfect match to an experienced SBA lending institution.

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