The Process

How to use Windsor’s BankLink to match with a business financing source.

Pre-Qualify (5 minutes)

Provide some high-level information about your financing request on our main pre-qualification contact form.

Discuss (30 minutes)

We’ll schedule a brief call and ask some questions to learn more about your business, growth plans and financing needs.

Match (2-3 Days)

We’ll run the details of your financing request by multiple lenders to find the best potential match.

Apply (15 Minutes)

Once a match is identified, you’ll receive an application link on the bank’s website to submit documentation for underwriting.


Not all banks have the same credit appetite, and some specialize in specific industry niches. Our network helps you to find the best option based on your unique financing needs, allowing you to borrower more, pay less, improve your experience and expedite the process.

The prequalification contact form is used to gather high-level information for our team to review and find a potential institutional match.  If a match is identified, you will submit your official loan application and related business documentation through a separate online portal housed on one our lending partners’ websites.

Several factors are considered, including, but not limited to, borrower location, intended use of proceeds, personal credit score range, years in business and industry. Windsor understands its various lender profiles and credit appetites and will quickly work to find the best match for your business.  Not all prospective borrowers are guaranteed to match since there are general requirements set forth by the SBA to obtain financing.

The SBA requires entrepreneurs to meet a few basic criteria to qualify for financing. Generally speaking, borrowers must, a) be considered a small business by the SBA, b) operate for profit, c) use the funds for an eligible use, and d) conduct business in the United States or its territories.  Read more by visiting our resources page.

Our network spans 150+ banks with various niches, credit criteria, product offerings and lending footprints.  Although many of our lending partners specialize in funding certain industries through the SBA 7(a) Loan Program, Windsor has assisted its financial institutional clients with processing loans for borrowers across more than 880 industries in all 50 states.

The formal application requires submitting both personal and business tax returns. Most of our bank partners will also want to review a business plan, business financial statements and projections, and resumes for all individuals owning 20% or more of the business.  Note, these documents are critical for the initial underwriting process and additional documentation will be requested if approved to receive financing.

Windsor does not receive any fee from the borrower or its lending partners for coordinating a successful match.  Our BankLink solution is meant to help stimulate lending activity among Windsor’s clients while also identifying institutional matches that are in the best interest of the borrower.

Ready to start the financing process?